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THE REQUIREMENTS for Infection Prophylaxisare increasing

THE REQUIREMENTS for Infection Prophylaxisare increasing


The quest is for a rapid action that will prove reliable in all circumstances. An action, whose spectrum has inevitably to be more complex, because of new microorganisms, medical techniques and materials, if it is to be safe.
An action that, on the other hand, must be increasingly broader if it is to be unproblematic in application. "Unproblematic" today means having an extremely short exposure time, at a minimal concentration of active ingredients.
This is because ultimately the demand is for an action that, despite of the broad spectrum, is harmful to neither man nor environment, neither in application nor disposal, but is still economically senseful.
No product is able to meet all these requirements. Needed are products which are optimally taylored to different situations and needs.

This is a challenge that we are happy to successfully meet. After all, we are the specialists, as you will find on the following pages.

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