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Skin Cleansing/Caring

Hands are the �main tools' in nursing and geriatric care. Consequently, they are stressed most. The frequent hand washing throughout the day already dries the skin, makes it chapped, fissured and often slightly reddened or even inflamed.. The more important and by no means luxurious it is to pay attention particularly to the cleansing and care of hands and skin. Irritated or even damaged skin cannot be disinfected. If the hands fail, the doctor, the caregiver fails.

If hands are washed regularly and/or are disinfected or if protective gloves are worn over a longer period you should not forget to rub the hands with a suitable skin protection preparation before work begins and use a skin care preparation after work is finished.

First class nursing and geriatric care starts with first class cared for hands. And you also notice it by the well tendered hands of the ones to be taken care of.

Skin Care Lotion Dermo - Care Dermotan Sano Soft
Skin Care Lotion Dermo - Care Dermotan Sano Soft
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Dermo Safe Dermotan basic    
Dermo Safe Dermotan basic    
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