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SKIN IS NOWHERE NEAR SKINTherefore, hand disinfection is not equal to skin disinfection

Skin disinfection

Hand and skin disinfection is not the same: compared to the hand disinfection, skin disinfection has to fulfil additional requirements.
If hands are disinfected, the so called ‘transient’ germs should be removed, meaning those, that got to the skin from anywhere. Whereas the skin disinfection should also remove those germs that colonize the skin normally (resident germs). The reason is that in most cases the skin is disinfected before being destroyed, thus punctured or cut open. In that case germs that exist on the surface of the skin and cause no harm there, reach deeper skin layers where they potentially would be capable to reproduce and infect after all.
Removing the ‘resident’ flora is, as one can imagine, more complex. Also, since the skin is not the same throughout the body. In areas rich in sebaceous an antiseptic takes significantly longer to get to the germs at all. That has to be considered in the contact time. During this time the skin should be continuously kept wet. Therefore, in skin disinfection no information is given regarding the quantity of an antiseptic that is necessary to reach an effect.
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