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Manorapid® ready for use (rfu)

Manorapid® ready for use (rfu)

150ml1 ltr.5 ltr.
Leaflet Manorapid r.f.u.
Safety Data Sheet Manorapid r.f.u.
Safety Data Sheet Manorapid r.f.u. GHS

Areas of application:
Ready for use, alcoholic hand rub for the hygienic and surgical hand disinfection

• broad spectrum of efficacy
• effective against Noro- and Rotavirus
• strong caring properties
• suitable for sensitive skin
• quickly drying
• pleasant scent

Active ingredients in 100 ml:
70 ml Propan-2-ol

• VAH list
• ÖGHMP list
• RKI list [Range of efficacy A and limited virucidal (according to RKI recommendation, Bundesgesundheitsblatt 01/2004)]

Forms of delivery:
• carton of 30 x 150 ml bottles
• carton of 20 x 500 ml bottles
• carton of 10 x 1 L bottles
• carton of 2 x 5 L canisters


General information about our products!

Use disinfectants safely. 
Before use always read labelling and product information.



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